As the Dart winds it’s way down the coast towards Wicklow the holidaymaker will be impressed by the increasing beauty and stunning coastal views that are on offer from the train’s windows.  Or, for those who have taken a car on the ferry from the UK, you will enjoy the drive along the main road that leads from the centre of Dublin to the beautiful seaside resort of Bray. When you reach the coast you can stop your car at any point and walk along one of the roads, that lead to the sea. Many of these roads, especially the ones in sandycove, have houses with beautiful multi-colour houses and, combined with the sea air, you could easily be convinced that you are on holiday in the Meditteranean rather than in rainy ireland.


Houses in Sandycove, Dublin

This is a street that passes between the main road from Dublin to Bray and the sea, at Sandycove. 


Despite being very different, Bray and Sandycove are excellent seaside resorts, which would be a real shame to miss during your Dublin holiday. Whereas Sandycove is a bathing location; Bray is not, but has a long, gentle beach that stretches right to the foot of Bray Head, a cliff that rises strikingly out of the sea, and marks the end of Co. Dublin and the start of Co. Wicklow. If you enjoy spending a day of your holiday stroling on a beautiful beach then get off the DART at Killiney. There is not much to see in Killiney apart from the beach – but what a stunning beach it is! With views of Bray Head to the South and Dalkey island to the North, you could spend a whole afternoon strolling on this beach and not be bored.

The sea is not the only attraction that is available in these seaside towns, although many are inspired by, or contributed, to by the ocean. The National Sea Life Centre in Bray is a great attraction that will help educate your children on the content of the ocean that makes up the eastern boundary of Co. Dublin. Dun Laoghaire, which is most famous for being a ferry port, is also the home to a huge array of attractions and points of interest.

If you want to visit, but not stay, in the hustle and bustle of central Dublin, then a better choice for you may be one of the many bed and breakfast choices that are available in some of the seaside resort in the south of Co. Dublin.Many of these homely establishments face the sea, are reasonably cheap and exceptionally welcoming and friendly. If you decide to stay in a bed and breakfast during your stay in Dublin, it is likely you will find the owner of the establishment to be an invaluable source of information and advice for your Dublin holiday.

Given their location all the notable stop-off seaside villages and towns on the DART’s southern route have excellent restaurant and nightlife options. A notable example is the Harbour Bar in Bray which was nominated the world’s best bar by Lonely Planet in 2010. You ceertainly wont feel lonely during your visit; drinkers in this town, which lies on the Co. Dublin/Co.Wicklow border are known for their welcomes and their friendliness.

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