Parnell Street – another of Northside Dublin’s famous streets – joins O’Connell Street to Parnell Square, it is right at the north end of O’Connell street; where it provides the south side of Parnell Square. There are a wealth of excellent chinese, and other Asian, restaurants on this street and Parnell street has come to be known as Dublin’s china quarter.

Parnell Square, which is just at the top of O’Connell Street, boasts theatres, galleries, and many other attractions. It is also home to the the Garden of Remembrance; a beautiful inner-city park that pays tribute to those who died in Ireland’s centuries long battle for independence.


Parnell Square:




An aerial view of Parnell square. The bus, passing the Parnell Statue (bottom right) is heading north from Upper O’Connell Street. It is approaching the Ambassador theatre (right centre), before it will pass the Gate Theatre (top right)on Cavendish Row. The picture of the Gate, has the Parnell Monument in view – top left corner – which demonstrates how close Parnell Square and O’Connell Street are.

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  1. graham williams

    November 3, 2016

    where roughly is THE CHARLES STEWERT HOTEL on the aerial view of PARNELL SQUARE as I am visiting DUBLIN for the very first time next week and am staying in this hotel THANKS

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