Temple Bar is a great place to base your holiday; with its huge array of hostels, hotels, eating establishments you will be right in the heart of Dublin’s most vibrant and youthful district.

Barnacles Temple Bar House, which is located on Temple Lane South, is, in our opinion the best hostel in temple Bar. It is on the same street as the Temple Bar pub, so you will be able to wander over to one of Dublin’s best pub and take your first sip of Guinness, within ten minutes of booking in. At between 10 and 15 Euros per night’s stay it is also one of the cheapest accomodation options in the whole of Dublin.



Barnacles Hostel in Temple Bar

Barnacles Hostel in temple Bar – a great base for your Dublin holiday


The Oliver St John Gogarty is another excellent of Temple Bar’s excellent hostels. Located, just above the Oliver St. John Gogarty pub, on Anglesea Street, it is popular with those who don’t like too long a walk home after a night out! This pub is very popular with tourists and locals alike and you can be assured of a warm welcome. I once spent the first two days of a holiday in this pub and then dragged myself off to my bed upstairs at 11 o’clock. At 12 Euros per night the youth hostel is cheap – whereas the 10 pints of Guinness each day weren’t.

Situated on Lord Edward Street, Kinlay house is right at the other end of Temple Bar from the Oliver St John Gogarty Hostel, but it is fairly close in terms of quality and value. Kinlay house’s most famous resident is Tito the Turtle, who enjoys pride of place in a tank in the lobby. As with most hostels, Kinlay House is quite crowded and you may feel you are staying in an over-crowded fishbowl. However, it is great value and the staff are friendly, and they wont forget to feed you. The cheapest rooms in this hostel can be booked for 14 Euros.




If you have the kind of holiday budget that allows more expensive accomodation, then there are a number of choices in temple Bar. However, you should be aware that temple Bar has a -deserved – reputation as being over-expensive and something of a tourist trap. The Clarence Hotel on Wellington Quay, Blooms Hotel on Anglesea street, and the River House Hotel on Eustace street, are hotels that do not live up to their impressive sounding titles.

A hotel, in temple Bar which we do recommend is the appropriately titled Temple Bar Hotel at 13 Fleet Street. This hotel has achieved a 73% rating on TripAdvisor, and during our stay we felt welcomed, comfortable and that we were enjoying good value for money.

However, the best hotel in Temple Bar – in our humble opinion – is the George Frederic Handel Hotel, on Fishamble Street. Handel is an honorary Dubliner by dint of Messiah – his most famous symphony – being performed for its very first time on Fishamble Street on the 13th of April 1742. This hotel pays homage to this great composer, and its historical location, is also off-set by Christ church cathedral, which is just over the road in the Medieval Quarter.

The building that was used for the first performance of Handel’s Messiah no longer exists, and the Handel Hotel now sits next to that vacant ground; but four months after the death of Germany’s most famous export to Dublin, Guinness was invented a few blocks away. A few toasts have been made to the memory of Handel in Dublin since, and none the least in the George Frederic Handel Hotel.


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